A very experienced and engaging speaker, Laura is invited to speak in a large number of schools to audiences of pupils, teachers and parents on a broad range of topics. You can find a full description here.

Classroom activities

Laura has classroom activities suitable for P1-7/Y1-6 covering all aspects of the physics curriculum. The length and topics of the activities is flexible. Examples can be viewed here.

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Renewable energy collage created by P1-7 pupils who investigated different aspects, including solar, wind and marine energy.


Continuing Professional Development

Laura regularly delivers CPD sessions to primary and secondary teachers and museum and science centre staff. The sessions usually introduce a new area of physics to the audience along with suitable resources or activities for use in class or within the museum or science centre.

The length of the sessions depend on the organisation or project aims but have ranged from one hour to one day.

Example sessions can be viewed here.

Recent example:

In a recent project for South Lanarkshire Council Laura visited a number of primary schools to run classroom activities linked to the science topics the pupils were covering at that time. The hands-on activities were delivered to classes from P1 to P7 covering all aspects of the physics curriculum from forces and space to vibrations and waves. Laura concluded the day with a CPD session for teachers in the school. This was aimed at developing their physics knowledge further and introducing suitable resources for use in the classroom.

Feedback from teachers:

“Fantastic CPD. Great resources and ideas that can be applied across all levels and with cross curricular links”

“Absolutely the best in service training in the world ever! Thanks Laura (I’ve been doing this 39 years)”

“Really informative, interesting course. Background knowledge given will be useful when teaching future lessons.”

“Extremely useful input. Very informative. Great practical tasks to simply explain complicated concepts.”