Primary activities:

Train Like An Astronaut

Before travelling to space astronauts spend a long-time training for their mission. This means preparing their body, but also understanding the science experiments they will carry out in space and the engineering behind the spacecraft they are going to travel and live on. Pupils will take part in some of the physical activities that astronauts use to prepare for going into space and learn about the challenges of living in space. Exercises can be done regularly, with pupils tracking their progress in a “Mission Log”.

CfE links: Forces (SCN 0-07a, 1-07a, 2-08a), Body systems and cells (SCN 1-12a, 1-12b, 2-12a, 2-12b), Movement skills, competencies and concepts (HWB 0-21a, 0-22a, 0-28a, 1-21a, 1-22a, 1-28a, 2-21a, 2-22a, 2-28a).

Space Entrepreneurs

Laura will take pupils on a journey through our Solar System. We will follow in the footsteps of the first human space explorers before discovering the planets where we have sent robots and spacecraft before us. We will find out where, and how, we could all be travelling to in the Solar System in the not too distant future. Pupils will then plan their own business to send people into space on holiday from Scotland.

CfE links: Craft, design, engineering and graphics (TCH 0-14a, 1-14a, 2-14a), Space (SCN 0-06a, 1-06a, 2-06a), Topical Science (SCN 0-20a, 1-20a, 2-20a)

Defying Gravity

Major Tim Peake is going to be the first official British astronaut to fly to space when he launches to the International Space Station in November 2015. He is will spend 6 months living and working on board the ISS. Pupils will learn about how he will get into space (including activities on rockets and gravity) before designing a meal and mission patch for him.

CfE links: Art and Design (EXA 0-02a, 0-06a, 1-02a, 1-06a, 2-02a, 2-06a), Nutrition (HWB 0-32a, 1-32a, 2-32a), Forces (SCN 0-07a, 1-07a, 2-08a), Topical Science (SCN 0-20a, 1-20a, 2-20a).

Secondary sessions are available.