Being confident, understanding your audience and spending time on preparation are all key to delivering successful and engaging presentations.

Current clients include Argyll and Bute Council. If you would like Laura to deliver a course for your organisation please contact her.

Feedback from participants:

“Good to get a chance to stand up and deliver a presentation in a relaxed atmosphere with constructive criticism.”

“Knowledgeable trainer, well delivered course.”

The course

This one day course is split into two parts: the presentation toolkit will be covered in the morning and in the afternoon practice makes perfect!

The presentation toolkit:

This section will introduce participants to a variety of techniques for delivering presentations, understanding their audience and dealing with nerves. They will complete a series of short tasks to explore these different aspects.

Practice makes perfect:

The second session in the afternoon will give participants a number of opportunities to apply what they have learned in the morning and allow them to build confidence speaking. They will deliver a talk on a topic of their choosing before receiving feedback, amending their talk and delivering again – each time to different audiences.

At the conclusion of the day participants will receive a one page presentation toolkit summary. This is an easy go-to guide for when they are delivering presentations. It will be a series of prompts referring back to techniques introduced to them on the course.


Laura has extensive practical experience in delivering talks. For example, following a competitive tendering process that included an audition, she was appointed the 2013 Schools and Colleges’ lecturer for the Institute of Physics. As a result she carried out a thirty five date lecture tour of the UK speaking to over fourteen thousand fourteen to sixteen year olds and there were no two lectures the same. The audience make up and interaction was different in each instance, so she had to be able to adapt my approach depending on the situation. For example, the audience size ranged from thirty pupils in one instance to over five hundred in another. In some cases all of the pupils in the audience had chosen to be there and in others they had all been brought along by their teachers.

Through this, and other experiences, Laura is extremely well placed to advise on presentation preparation, nerves and how to communicate with your audience.