Primary sessions:

Space for Learning

Space is an area which can act as an umbrella for all sorts of different subjects. Laura will introduce a variety of different resources. All of the resources are freely available, linked to CfE and between them cover a wide age-range. They do not require specialist equipment and are very hands-on. Resources include Sunny Spells & Solar Storms: understanding space weather, International Space Station Primary kit and Mission X: train like an astronaut. Teachers will have a chance to try out a variety of space activities themselves.

Space (SCN 0-06a, 1-06a, 2-06a), Art and Design (EXA 0-02a, 0-06a, 1-02a, 1-06a, 2-02a, 2-06a), Nutrition (HWB 0-32a, 1-32a, 2-32a), Forces (SCN 0-07a, 1-07a, 2-08a), Topical Science (SCN 0-20a, 1-20a, 2-20a).


Forces lie at the heart of all aspects of physics. Some forces are stronger than others and some act on the scale of atoms whilst others influence stars and galaxies. Laura will take you through these forces and (where possible!) demonstrate what they do. She will highlight resources and activities for use in class suitable for early, first and second levels. Teachers will be able to try these activities and ask questions.

CfE links: Forces (SCN 0-07a, 1-07a, 2-08a), Topical Science (SCN 0-20a, 1-20a, 2-20a).

Vibrations and Waves

We find that light and sound is used for many, many different applications. In this session Laura will describe how different types of waves occur or are made and how we use them. Suitable demonstrations and activities to investigate vibrations and waves will be covered.

CfE links: Vibrations and Waves (SCN 0-11a, 1,11-a, 2-11a,b), Topical Science (SCN 0-20a, 1-20a, 2-20a).

Secondary sessions are available.