I have finally completed my catapult building instructions. Using the instructions you will be able to build a desktop catapult with a range of 50cm to a couple of metres (dependant on how long/strong certain aspects are when you build it) within about 30 minutes. Once you have the basics down you can go onto make modifications of your own.

The targets are all in relation to getting into orbit. You need the right speed and momentum to achieve different destinations. You can simulate this with your catapult (remember that rockets are projectiles!). Red means that you’re not travelling fast enough to overcome Earth’s gravity at the surface and you are crashing back down through the atmosphere. Black means that you’re travelling too quickly and have overcome Earth’s gravity and so go off to Mars. Finally, the white area indicates the orbit of the International Space Station. To get to this destination you need the correct speed and momentum.

Please note that you are responsible for the health and safety aspects in relation to these instructions and only lightweight items should be fired using the catapult!!

Have fun and let me know how you get on building!

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