On this page you will find links to all of the resources discussed in your recent Space for Learning CPD session. If you have any queries about the content, please contact Laura.

  1. First of all, please register to use the National STEM Centre eLibrary. This is a free resource to access. You can search by topic or age group and download all the files you need: https://www.stem.org.uk/
  2. Further information on education projects relating to Tim’s mission are available here: https://www.stem.org.uk/esero/tim-peake and the mission website is here: https://principia.org.uk/
  3. You can download a copy of my slides from the session here. This is a large file, so it may take time to download. As an alternative there are slides available from the Principia website to download that have similar content. If you attended the event in Stirling on the 5th May on  “Journey to Mars” the slides are available here.
  4. Resources:
  • Understanding Space Weather with LUCID:

Space Weather resource booklet

Atom diagram:

Atom Diagram

Earth’s magnetic field:

Earth's magnetic field

Sun’s magnetic field:

Sun's magnetic field

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Activity 3 slides: Space weather

  • International Space Station Primary Kit


ISS Worksheet CfE connections


Is There Anyone CfE connections