From this page you can access resources relating to my lecture tour Defying Gravity: Make Physics Your Launchpad.

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There are three sections:

  1. careers guides
  2. information on the demonstrations and other items from the lecture
  3. sources of further information and resources

I hope you find these downloads useful, please let me know how you use them by commenting below or sending me an email.

1. Careers Guides

This series covers  physics, engineering and computer science and how they are used in the space industry, along with some suggested job titles and qualification information.

Want to know who in your area works in the space industry? You can look them up in the Space Directory.

2. Defying Gravity

Sample lecture slides

The original slides for the lecture are very large, so a slimline version is supplied as a PDF below. Links to the films used as part of the presentation are available below on YouTube and are also linked from within the PDF itself.

DG slim slides [1.9MB PDF]

Film clips

A strange beeping noise…

JFK Moon speech

The UK from the ISS – taken at night

Felix’s Space Jump


The equipment used for this lecture is varied. If you would like to build your own catapult, I am happy to supply the details of the design. It is an original design, but inspiration was taken from this site. If you are undertaking such a build, it should be done under appropriate supervision with the necessary permissions granted. As you would expect, I cannot take responsibility for safety of those recreating the demonstrations.

For on instructions on how to build a desktop catapult, jump over to my blog.


3. Useful links

Resources/classroom activities

  • Really great description from ESA on the different stages of Soyuz launch:

Professional or public bodies (events and support for schools)

Careers or university-related


Round-up of UK Opportunities from the UK Space Agency


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