Talks are available for primary, secondary and teaching audiences. Examples are given below, but please contact Laura if you have a specific request.

Defying Gravity, adapted to the audience, Y7/S1-Y11/S4, 50 minutes plus optional 50 minutes workshop:

Humans have always been fascinated by space, but how far have we gone in our exploration of the solar system and how have we achieved it? This interactive session covers the physics of spaceflight and illustrates topics using demonstrations that the audience participate in. The talk covers career options for working in space and how to get into the industry.

It is suitable for a large audience and a follow-up workshop is available that can be run with smaller groups. Please note that due to the demonstrations, time is required to set-up beforehand.


Physics and Astronomy at University, Y12/S5/S6, 50 minutes: 

Many are fascinated by the subjects of physics and astronomy, but can often be concerned about studying the subjects to a higher level. This talk goes into detail of what it’s like to study the subjects at university and gives examples of what topics are covered. The talk also explains the different degree subjects and qualifications available and offers advice on what admissions tutors are looking for.

Careers in Physics and Astronomy, Y10-12/S4-6, 50 minutes:

Physics is a fascinating and broad subject. That means that there is no such thing as a typical physics career. There are so many different opportunities for physics graduates. This talk summarises the fields that physicists go on to work in and how to get into those areas of employment.

Working in the Space Industry, Y10-12/S4-6, 50 minutes: 

Find out more about the space industry in the UK: the companies to work for, the jobs available and how to get into them. From becoming an astronaut to flight engineer, satellite designer to astronomy researcher you can discover what subjects to take at school and university.

Laura can be engaged on an hourly, half day or full day basis. The timing of the delivery of talks is flexible, for example Laura is happy to speak in the evening at events for parents.