For each of my lectures, I’m collecting some evaluation information. It is a quick tick box/write in a couple of brief answers. It helps me understand what the students have taken from the lecture and identify places where I haven’t perhaps explained things as clearly or as well as I should.

Another function it is performing is asking them if there is anything else they’d like to hear about. There are a few common themes popping up, so I have decided to write some short articles covering the topics that I can point teachers at. Unfortunately there is no way I can include EVERYTHING they’re asking me for in the lecture as I’d be there all day talking. So, each week I’m on tour I’ll write up a couple of topics and post them here.

This week:

(i) the Moon landings and

(ii) a special calculation for an extremely bright young man who asked me lots of great questions, the one I’m going to deal with is about launching a ball from the Moon.

The short articles will follow shortly as separate blog posts (helps keep my brain ticking over if I don’t mix my article topics up…).

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